The AFWA 2018-2020 Strategic Plan


AFWA's 2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Mission: To support and advocate for State, Provincial, and Territorial responsibility for science-based fish and wildlife conservation.

Vision: Sustainable fish and wildlife populations and habitat managed in trust for and supported by the public.

The Strategic Plan focuses on four Strategic Initiatives:

Goal 1: Fish and Wildlife Funding
Secure and sustain comprehensive and dedicated funding for fish and wildlife conservation.


Goal 2: Policy and Legislative Advocacy
Promote policies, legislation, laws, regulations and legal strategies that enhance and protect the states’ ability to conserve and manage fish and wildlife resources and their habitats consistent with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

Goal 3:  Coordinated Conservation Initiatives
Coordinate and facilitate fish and wildlife conservation initiatives among state, provincial, territorial, federal agencies and other partners, enabling conservation delivery on a national and international scale.

Goal 4: Member Support and Coordination
Support and facilitate education, participation, communication and leadership capacity among state, provincial and territorial agencies to enhance fish and wildlife conservation.

  • Learn more about AFWA's strategic initiatives, objectives and strategies by downloading our full Strategic Plan.
  • In combination with AFWA's Strategic Plan, AFWA also operates under a business plan which can be found by downloading the AFWA Business Plan.