Fish & Wildlife Health Forum

Fish & Wildlife Health Forum: Identifying Common Challenges, Needs, and Solutions

Date: November 13-16, 2018
Location: USGS Headquarters in Reston, VA

The Challenge: Preparing for and addressing fish and wildlife diseases transmitted within wildlife populations is a growing struggle in fish and wildlife conservation, with major impacts to aquatic (including marine) and terrestrial ecosystems. Several emerging and ongoing disease issues currently occupy the time and efforts of fish and wildlife scientists and managers, and most require inter-agency, often international, coordination. It is clear that such communication and cooperation are key in responses to disease outbreaks, with appropriate parties engaged and informed at the right stages. It is also apparent that there are opportunities for improvement, recognizing each agency’s unique jurisdictional authorities and policies for wildlife and land management, availability of wildlife disease diagnostic facilities, and funding sources, as well as information sharing, to address these threats. 

Purpose: To improve the potential to respond to wildlife disease events in the US through the evaluation of existing systems, policies, and procedures. This will be achieved at the forum through sharing and exchanging ideas and approaches among peers who are tackling various aspects of fish and wildlife disease control. Participants will examine opportunities for improved coordination, prevention, rapid response and early intervention.

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